Back Ground Screening

Pre- Employment- Pre-Employment Screening

One of the most precious assets of a company is its employees. Fraudulent staff can fetch on the fall down of an otherwise strong business. SR presents a complete staff vetting service, that too for pre–employment or for existing staff.

A company's status is based on the outlook, reliability and skill of its workforce. SR intends to keep the company's reputation unharmed as well as minimizing the odds of being implicated in costly proceedings. No business entity can be sure of an impending employee's qualifications and references; it is a distressing fact that over 80% of applicants present bogus or ambiguous information.

Such events can have devastating consequences if a company employs a person who is deceitful, troublesome, unfaithful or even fraudulent. Furthermore, the employment of somebody who is prone to making chauvinist or racist remarks will offend clients and esteemed members of staff. A company surely would not fancy discovering at a later stage a new member of staff is inept and has misled about his skills and credentials.

Our service is customized as per your requirements and budget. Whether it is for existing staff, recruitment short–lists, new directors or contractors.

Our Pre–Employment Screening includes:

  • Employment verification
  • Academic Qualification Verification
  • Civil Litigation and Criminal Check
  • Address Verification
  • Identification Proof Verification
  • Reference Credential Checks
  • Financial Check
  • Identity Check
  • Online Database Searches