Finance Insurance Services

We offer all Car Loans for the entire range of private cars and multi-utility vehicles. Avail of the right Vehicle Loan to suit your need with complete flexibility and transparency. Also, get car finance solutions for used cars.

We provide customized solutions to individual clients, small and medium enterprises as well as to the leading corporate houses and institutions related to General Insurance & Life Insurance products.

Understanding your insurance needs and focusing on what will help protect you' re family is what sets apart from the rest!

Our Financial Insurance Services is poised to become a premier service agency in the area. We have a location which allows for continued service to present clients and yet an untapped potential. We have in place a group of people who care, who are skilled and licensed to handle all their clients needs, and who-want to do the best job possible for their clients.

SR Associates provides insurance and payment solutions, most recently to the education market, reducing costs for schools, saving time deploying IT to their students and improving the learning experience. We are the best for reliability, consistency and value for money, with over 5 years of industry/sector knowledge.